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Google/SEO - Does keywords used in audit can change ?
Yes, they can be changed (added) month to month as we work on them and as we got feedback from our clients.
Google/SEO - How do you make your audits ?
We try to get the maximum of keywords matching your activitie. Then, we collect all the results from Google that are connected with those keywords. After, we match those results with usal SEO Click Throw Rate to estimate web trafic. This CTR rate is the following : 1st position : 51%, 2nd/3rd position : 13%, 4th/5th position : 4%, 6th/10th position : 3%. Then we match all those informations to create all our audits.
Google/SEO - Why is it possible for a web site to have more than 100% trafic ?
We add 1rst page trafic to get montly audits. So if a web site is more than one time on the first page, he got more trafics which can explain rate above 100%.
Google/SEO - Is it possible to get new/other activities audited ?
Yes, feel free to contact-us for that.
Google/SEO- Is it possible to get audit outside USA ?
Yes, just ask us by contacting us. We are located in Paris and we work worldwide. He is the portal for french baromètre digital.
Google/SEO -Is it possible to have a yearly subscription ?
Yes, just ask by contacting-us.
Google/SEO - Do you send bills ?
Yes, each month.